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about our projects

At The Green Room, interior design is more than an art form, it's a passion. We love helping clients create unique and sophisticated interior designs that demonstrate their individual style and reflect the culture of their business or home.


Whether you're refreshing an existing space or redesigning from scratch, The Green Room has your interior design needs covered. Our handmade furniture solutions ensure quality pieces with exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship. Working closely with our clients on commercial, hospitality and residential projects for more than 12 years has enabled us to develop a deep knowledge of interior design styles and trends. From developing initial concepts with designers to selecting the perfect pieces and adding the final touches such as lighting, artwork, plants, and landscaping; we have the expertise to bring your interior vision to life.


With our commitment to exceptional service, quality products, working within budget parameters and on schedule – you can trust The Green Room to bring your interior design dreams to reality.

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